Food and Karma

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Today we are going to look at Food & Karma and ask if there is a relationship.

‘So, does the food we eat, create Karmic effects?’ It may seem surprising to some, but the answer to this question is actually: ‘Yes it does.’

How so? Well, if we look into this relationship we soon understand that the clichéd statement, ‘you are what you eat’ is true. But what many do not realise, is that the real meaning of this statement goes much deeper than we think. It is not confined to the obvious interpretation – as in the sense that what we eat converts to fats, proteins and so on. We are what we eat, and what we eat transmutes not only into our physical, or gross, bodies, but also to our emotional, mental and spiritual beings.

The modern Tamil sage Nithyananda describes this process well:

‘You become what you eat. Based on what you eat your bio-memory is created, your bio-energy is created. So if you add to your body food that which is filled with incompletion, fear, anxiety, depression, then what are you going to experience constantly inside you …? Only that. So when you see non-vegetarian food on your plate be very clear that what are you taking in is a plate full of fear, a plate full of anxiety, a plate full of depression, a plate full of toxins released by fear when the animal is being terrorised, and a plate full of incompletion.’

Spiritual Ascension EatingWhat does Nithyananda mean when he says ‘incompletion’? So by ‘incompletion’, he means a life that has been cut short and has not been allowed to fulfil its promise. There is another unsavoury aspect to this as well. When an animal is being slaughtered, which is another name for being murdered, we acquire the karmic effects and bio-memories of something that has feelings and emotions that has been killed. Please understand that these feelings of fear, of terror, are vibrations and these vibrations, which are unseen, are just as much a part of the food we eat, as that which we can see on our plates. Remember that everything in our Universe is vibrations. There is also the likelihood that the murderer of the animal has also touched the meat we are about to put into our mouths. So if we eat it we will take the vibrations and karma of the murdered and murderer, into our beings as well.

When the food we eat is free of fear and violence, then we no longer take this fear and violence into our Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual bodies. Food that is guilt-free allows us to gradually purify our bio-memory, purify our consciousness. When the memory is purified, when the consciousness is purified, then all the blessings of Life begin to be showered upon us.

Removing this source of fear and violence from our lives, means we experience in our lives less fear and less violence. Our vibration signature becomes elevated and we no longer ground the lower frequencies associated with fear and violence into our energy system.

Soon after changing our diets to one based on wholesome, nutritious vegetarian food, we generally begin to feel amazing – we will feel less stress; have more energy and have clearer skin.

Not only this, we become more alert, more conscious and our Spiritual growth enters the fast-lane as we accomplish this major milestone in our journey of Body-Mind-Spirit evolution.


Martin Hinde is a Yogic Siddha, Best Selling Spiritual author and Founding member of the Anahata Ascension Collective. The Anahata Ascension Collective is a collective of evolved beings who provide instruction to those seeking to accelerate their Spiritual progress and become hugely more capable individuals; reach higher states of Consciousness, and to co-operate in 5D reality.

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