Who is an alcoholic? Is it the man down the street, the woman who’s shopping with her child, Is it the bum on the corner, Who is the alcoholic?

It could be any of these or all. What causes a person to become an alcoholic is a story only they could tell, but from being around drinking most of my life, I can understand the motive if not the reason. For the most part it’s low self esteem. Some people are afraid of failure, they want so much to achieve that they strive to be perfect, not realizing that no one is perfect, we all fall and come short of perfection. Not everyone can afford a quality private drug rehab facility, but there are always options out there to recover.

It might be the child who is trying to prove himself to his parents that he is somebody, he can set goals and accomplish them. A lot of children are belittled at home and told they’re no good they re stupid, that they will never amount to anything, they have to struggle harder to fulfill the longing and hunger to be loved and praised, for even just a small accomplishment. Doing a chore, a good grade. Some children are never even noticed at home, they are treated like a stick of furniture. Children should be respected too. When I was growing up we weren’t allowed to be in an adult conversation, we were sent outside to play when the adults were talking, I’m not saying this is bad, but there are some thing’s a child should be included in, especially in major decisions such as relocating to a new school or moving to a new environment, a child has a lot of changes to make from kindergarten to high school to college. And it’s a big transition and needs a lot of counseling and planning. There’s new friends, different learning material to work with. Most times it’s a larger school.

A child shouldn’t have all this stress and worry, it’s hard enough getting through school without added burdens. This is where temptations come from to drink, it releases stress, makes them bold, gives them courage. Not realizing that this is a temporary feeling, that the problem awaits them for the next time they’re faced with a problem.

If the parents drink that leaves an open field for the child. They see the parents as seemingly having fun, they think drinking is cool. Then there is the other side where parents drink and they fight all the time, yelling and screaming, each blaming the other for their drinking. If you wouldn’t nag if you wouldn’t spend so much money, if, if, if. All their doing is showing the child that drinking is O.K. it releases vent up feelings that most people wouldn’t say sober.

Drinking is a vicious circle and it becomes an addiction to families. Children can’t comprehend the outcome of alcoholism. It destroys homes, families, character, tears down your mental capacity to where you can’t focus on your future, you can’t accomplish goals you had set for yourself. Nothing matters to you.

Adults are mostly to blame for how children turn out, we are the head of the house, if we demonstrate to them how unstable we are, our how we demoralize them by our actions, we are to blame for their destiny. Their future, their self esteem.

Alcoholism is hereditary. Men and women who have a drinking problem should not allow this atmosphere around the children, I can say this from my heart I lived the experience. I know what it an do. Seek help no matter the age, youth, middle, old, male, female. Seek help for yourself and those around you. If you cant control your problem how can you control your child’s problem

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