With the epidemic of ADD and especially childhood ADD, many parents and adults alike are turning to their doctors and looking for new treatments. While there are definitely many prescriptions out there which are super effective, they come with their own list of side effects that some people may find intolerable. This is especially true if your child or yourself are underweight, or experience migraines or headaches that sometimes come with the usage of amphetamines. These prescriptions are a miracle for some people, but many people are still looking for alternatives and for natural remedies that help them to focus and stay attentive.

Some people think that coffee and caffeine are effective long-term solutions, but our team feels that these caffeinated solutions are more of a Band-Aid rather than a fix.

One supplement that is often recommended for people taking amphetamines or suffering from ADD / ADHD is a good quality Omega-3 oil supplement. There are so many beneficial results that fish oil and omega-3 oil when’s have been proven to confer, and so little side effects, that it is a good idea for almost anyone with their doctor’s approval to try this supplement. Some Studies have even shown that adults, and especially children with ADD have low levels of Omega-3 acids in their blood and brain. This is why some people experience such significant benefits when they start taking a high quality oil supplement.

Another option is to consider taking a high quality probiotic that can help to heal and stabilize the digestive tract. There are also some studies that have shown that people suffering from the symptoms of ADD have disrupted digestion, which leads to nutrient deficiencies and vitamin deficiencies. Healing the gut is important so that you can get the most out of your food, and start to assimilate more vitamins and nutrients which are essential for reducing the symptoms of ADD.

When it comes to Healing the gut another option that many people try is L-glutamine. This supplement has many different uses, and is often used by bodybuilders to help heal muscle tissue quicker. In addition to Healing the gut and being used for muscle boosting benefits, it is also taken to boost the immune system. Some people may not react well to L-glutamine, as it can raise glutamic acid levels in the brain, which then act as an excitotoxin, so it’s important to go slow and follow your doctor’s advice when starting the supplement.

The next thing that some people find success using is called CoQ10. This is known as coenzyme Q10, and is very effective for many people for helping to boost their energy and help them stay on task. Many people refer to it as a very potent energy booster and mood stabilizer. It helps to boost mitochondrial function, which can sometimes be deficient in people who suffer from ADD. It is also a great supplement, as there are very little side effects, and it is hard to overdose on it. Many athletes take coenzyme Q10, as it has been shown to prevent mitochondrial damage from exercise.

Overall there are quite a few options besides amphetamines and other prescriptions when it comes to ADD. Our team will continue to update this article as new solutions become available.

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