One thing that many people struggle with from their early teenage years, and often through their adult years is acne. Maybe people are seeking treatments for chronic or acute acne flare-ups. One of the first treatments that doctors and dermatologists will often try is a course of low-dose antibiotics to help cut down the amount of bacteria in your body and hopefully eradicate the bacterial strain responsible for causing acne. While this does work for a lot of people, it can also lead to unfortunate side effect, such as gastrointestinal problems, yeast infections, and other side effects that antibiotics carry with them.

Some people find success taking probiotics instead of anti-biotics. The theory behind this is that beneficial probiotic strains will compete with and kill undesired bacterial strains in the gut and throughout the body. This leaves your microbiome in your gut intact, and prevents yeast, parasites, and other undesired invaders from infesting your GI tract.

Another thing to consider in common yes or before beginning an antibiotic course is your diet. There are certain things that have been shown to trigger acne outbreaks, one of the most prevalent being Dairy. A Harvard study done in 2006 showed that people who drank two plus glasses of milk per day we’re over 20% more likely to develop chronic acne than those who did not drink Dairy, or drink less than a glass of dairy per day. This is clinically significant, as it shows that diet does have an impact on acne formation.

This means that certain other Foods might be the culprit for acne outbreaks. It’s hard to put together a solid list of triggers, since each body reacts differently to each food. One thing that might be helpful is to start keeping a food diary and logging all the food you eat for a couple of weeks. If you notice that you break out especially more than normal, go back the past day or two and look at what food you had and try eliminating them and see if it improves.

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